Browder’s Birds farmstand is re-opening March 2021.  

Browder’s Bushel, $110
The bushel features a Turkey Pot Pie, Seasonal Quiche, Quart of Chicken Stock & 2 dozen eggs.  



Browder’s Bushel


*PRE-ORDER* Turkey Pot Pie, $45
Handmade 9-inch Pot Pie filled with meat from Browder’s Organic turkey available for farmstand pick-up after November 20th. 



Turkey Pot Pie 


Seasonal Quiche, $30
Handmade 9-inch Quiche made with Browder’s  Organic eggs. 



Seasonal Quiche 


2 Dozen Organic Eggs, $22
Breakfast, lunch or dinner, it’s always good to have eggs on hand. 



2 Dozen Eggs  


Organic Chicken Liver, $10
12 ounce container of Browder’s Organic chicken livers.


Organic Chicken Liver


1 Dozen Duck Eggs, $15
Larger and richer than a chicken egg, duck eggs are great for baking, scrambling and soft boiling.  



Duck Eggs  


Quart of Stock, $12
Healing bone broth made with our organic chicken or turkey, bones and feet.  Frozen.  



Stock, Quart


*PRE-ORDER* Homemade Turkey Gravy, $15
Rich turkey gravy made from Browder’s Organic turkey. Available for farmstand pick-up after November 20th. 



Turkey Gravy, 12 ounces 


Seasonal Turkey Brine, $10
Our new brine features sea salt, orange peel, and pungent, complementary spices like cinnamon, ginger & allspice.  One jar brines up to 18-lb bird.   



Turkey Brine, 16 ounces 


Gingersnap Moonpies, $10
Homemade gingersnap cookies filled with Organic egg white meringue.  



Gingersnap Moonpies, 2-pack